Owlbear Keep

Owl Bear Keep is the first settlement and capital city of Verdant – previously known as the Greenbelt. Constructed upon the ruined fortress of the now deposed Staglord, the settlement gained its name from the great owlbear the villain kept as a guard.

As of July, 4714 AR, the settlement enjoys these traits & buildings:

  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Government: Autocracy
  • Population: 2,750 (Large Town)
  • Qualities:
    • Artist Colony, Defensible, & Good Roads
  • Buildings:
    • 3 Houses
    • Barracks, Stable, Mill, Shop
    • Smithy, Brewery, Tannery, Shrine
  • Attributes:
    • +1 Corruption, +1 Crime, +1 Law
    • +2 Lore, +7 Productivity, +0 Society
    • +0 Danger; +2 Defense
    • Base Value: 1,200 GP, Purchase Value: 6,000 GP
    • Spellcasting: 5th (Divine), 2nd (Arcane)
    • Magic Items: 1 minor portion, wand, or scroll

Historical Events:

  • October, 4713 AR: Rumors of a scandelous tryst between one of the settlement’s rulers and a married woman led to a public outcry. The leaders denied the allegations, but the unrest remained until the approach of winter became more pressing.
  • December, 4713 AR: The rapid onset of cold weather and snowstorms resulted in many citizens resorting to unsafe means for heating their homes. A massive fire erupted early in the month, destroying many homes and damaging newly built shops. However, the quick reaction of the Watch and the town’s leadership prevented further damage.
  • January, 4714 AR: In the aftermath of the previous month’s fires, many citizens sought refuge in unused rooms under the barracks. While clearing debris from previously blocked passages, the Watch made an impressive archeological discovery that drew the attention of sages from outlying kingdoms.
  • March, 4714 AR: Sages researching the site beneath the keep found a minor magic item.
  • April, 4714 AR: An assassination attempt is foiled by the kingdom’s leadership. The surviving criminals were put on trial, convicted, and publically executed shortly thereafter.
  • May, 4714 AR: A werewolf terrorized Owl Bear Keep’s residents, killing several. Once the threat became apparent, the leaders mobilized the Watch and hunted the beast down.
  • June, 4714 AR: Loy & Letrisha Resbin successfully petition for the right to found the new settlement of Tasselford.
  • July, 4714 AR: A plague of locusts severely impacts the productivity of the farms to the north east of Owl Bear Keep, but treasury reserves are spent to avoid disaster.

Owlbear Keep

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